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Be A Maker


Arc Academy is a welding/fabrication school and makerspace. No certifications. No previous experience required. We put the knowledge, access, and equipment in your hands.



$100 — MIG 1
$100 — MIG 2
$175 — MIG 1 & 2 BUNDLE (SAVE $25)
$175 — MIG 1 & 2 Women in Welding

$120 — TIG 1
$120 — TIG 2
$210 — TIG 1 & 2 BUNDLE (SAVE $30)

$100 — SMAW (STICK)


$540 — FAB 101 - TABLEMAKING
$675 — Arc Forge 101: Frontier Knife 

Gift Cards

Buy a Arc Academy gift card for family and friends to apply towards classes or open shop time at Arc Academy.


Now only $90 a month— UNLIMITED monthly access
$20/hr — Open Shop access* 

     *must have taken MIG 1 & 2 classes or            pass a supervised weld test.




pre-pay for class

Pre-purchase a class(es) for yourself or for family and friends. 


Learn how to weld at Arc Academy. Check out our class listings below for more information and schedules.


mig 1

In this class you learn the basics of the electrode arc welding process. After developing basic metal inert gas welding knowledge you will cut, grind and learn basic welding technique.  

mig 2

MIG 2 continues to develop welding techniques for all of the basic weld joints while focusing on filet welds. In addition, you will learn how to cut with a plasma torch and prep metal to be welded.

tig 1

learn the basics of Tungsten Inert Gas welding (TIG). Development of limb independence and torch control. Gaining a better understanding of the elements of welding in order to control them as you move through the weld zone with the TIG torch.

tig 2

Have you heard of “stack of dimes”? That was originated in TIG welding. In this class you will learn how to identify a good TIG weld and develop arc control technique. 


smaw (stick)

Shielded metal arc welding (SMAW), informally known as stick welding, is a manual arc welding process that uses a consumable electrode covered with a flux to lay the weld.




fab 101 - tablemaking

This course includes Five classes, each with a three hour duration

Arc Forge 101 - Frontier Knife Making

This is a twelve-hour course where the student will be forging an original ‘American’. Taught by Paul White, who has over 40 years of knife-smithing experience and is the author of FORGED: Traditional Blacksmithing of the Frontier Knife

Fab 105 - 

This course includes three classes, each with a three hour duration. This is the extension of MIG 1 and 2 and is only availbe to those that have completed those two classes.  

Women in Welding
(women only)

This is a five hour class, with a half hour break, that is the equivalent of MIG 1 and 2. Taught by Arc Academy’s own Natalie Murray.



Classes to get you started.

Space to create.

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