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In this class you learn the basics of the electrode arc welding process. After developing basic metal inert gas welding knowledge you will cut, grind and learn basic welding techniques.  

This class is $100 per person for approximately 2 hours.


Required materials include but are not limited to:

- Work clothes (no polyester, nylon)
- Leather shoes (boots are preferable)
- Long sleeve work shirt
- Long pants made of heavy materials such as jeans or duck cloth

If you wear glasses: Safety glasses are mandatory and are provided. If you wear corrective reading glasses, please bring them to class.  

Payment is due prior to the date of each class.

IMPORTANT: The class itinerary is an equivalent to any collegiate, entry level, metal fabrication or welding course without the typical prerequisites. Understand that this IS NOT a certification class nor is it accredited. Rather, it is for people that have an interest in the medium and would like to develop that interest further.